Monday, June 03, 2013


The Deluxe Edition of PanzerGrenadier WW2 rules is finally nearing completion!
Players will find the Deluxe Edition has far greater emphasis on command & control and slicker mechanisms that create a higher tempo game, filled with uncertainty and player interaction. Similar to General de Brigade Napoleonic rules the desire has been to rework the rules avoiding continual reference to charts, providing a game that is fast paced, easy to learn and with a minimum of record keeping.
The previous IGOUGO mechanism has been amend to provide greater interaction by the opposing player in your turn - nearer a "WeBothGo" style mechanism! There is no sitting back and merely watching your opponent in his phase - you will be actively involved throughout!
PanzerGrenadier rules have been designed for those players who wish to have a little more substance and little more thought in their WW2 games as well as enjoyment. DB