Tuesday, November 26, 2013


See the Battlegroup PanzerGrenadier thread for this snow clad Ardennes Encounter!

It was designed to thoroughly play test the Deluxe command rules, which is one of the main aims of this edition. PanzerGrenadier Deluxe rules were written with four main aims; straightforward yet detailed rules sufficient to represent "wargame accurate" WW2 tactical combat, provide command friction, reward the use of period tactics and finally deliver an enjoyable game. It concentrates on command and battlefield friction.
PanzerGrenadier delivers this command friction through three aspects; a varying amount of HQ Impetus per turn, (impetus represents "command momentum" coming down the command chain, in order to keep the battle plan moving), combat group activation requirement and a variable game turn length. Players will have to cope with this in built command friction, which means that players may feel just a fraction of the uncertainty and frustration felt by Company and Battlegroup commanders of WW2!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

PanzerGrenadier Deluxe Game at Colours

The Colours show provided an excellent opportunity to try out the PanzerGrenadier Deluxe Rules and display the new module type terrain by Loughton Strike Force.
See the Battlegroup PanzerGrenadier forum for a full after action report.

Monday, June 03, 2013


The Deluxe Edition of PanzerGrenadier WW2 rules is finally nearing completion!
Players will find the Deluxe Edition has far greater emphasis on command & control and slicker mechanisms that create a higher tempo game, filled with uncertainty and player interaction. Similar to General de Brigade Napoleonic rules the desire has been to rework the rules avoiding continual reference to charts, providing a game that is fast paced, easy to learn and with a minimum of record keeping.
The previous IGOUGO mechanism has been amend to provide greater interaction by the opposing player in your turn - nearer a "WeBothGo" style mechanism! There is no sitting back and merely watching your opponent in his phase - you will be actively involved throughout!
PanzerGrenadier rules have been designed for those players who wish to have a little more substance and little more thought in their WW2 games as well as enjoyment. DB


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


See the gallery for some more photos of the Loughton Strike Force game at Salute 2013.