Tuesday, December 06, 2005


A/T GUN INTENSIVE FIRE – Available to all AT guns and artillery pieces under 100mm in the direct fire mode graded as Regular or better.

(I.E. Any AT gun up to and including an 88mm may intensive fire, larger guns such as the Russian 100mm may not.)

The player must state the piece is intensive firing and may engage two targets in either in the Command Phase or as Defensive Fire. (This only applies to artillery pieces and does not include tanks, SP guns or auto-cannons.)

If using intensive fire the second shot must be taken immediately, conduct a separate attack against each target (or the same target) and apply an additional -1 modifier for each roll. Low on Ammo is adjusted to a 3 or less.

Restrictions: No movement, pivoting or unlimbering is permitted if using Intensive Fire and the second target must be within a 45-degree arc and within 4" [6"] of the first target. Inexperienced & Militia crews may not Intensive Fire, (due to a lack of training/experience.)
Units that are Low on Ammo may not Intensive Fire.

Rationale: This helps to represent the very real danger posed by AT guns to armoured targets, esp. deployed in any form of Pak front. And highlights the difference in fire capability between artillery and armoured units.