Wednesday, August 25, 2010


General de Brigade Deluxe Edition is here with an official release date for Colours in September!
GdeB has been revisited and revised with an emphasis on speeding up game play and game resolutions whilst still ensuring the core principles of Napoleonic tactical combat are acknowledged and enhanced.

New rule areas include:

Command and Control and Generals ability to launch charges.

Tactical Marches

Formation Tests for such situations such as interpenetration and infantry winning melees.

Third Rank Skirmishers

Grand Batteries and

Broken Brigades
And Victory & Defeat - to name a few.

£27.50 for the full colour hardback edition.

£39.50 for the gold embossed limited edition (Nice!)

Both available from Caliver Books.

I'll be at Colours and SELWG demo-ing the new edition.