Monday, May 12, 2014


PanzerGrenadier Deluxe is a very different game to its predecessor and distinct from other existing rule sets. The central theme of the rules is tactical command and control. This emphasis on command requires players to plan ahead, use period tactics such as combined arms to overcome the enemy and genuinely think about the command challenges before them. When playing PanzerGrenadier each army operates under a specific military doctrine which impacts upon the command flexibility players are able to exercise. Your HQ units are important; as you'll find those units under command operate reasonably well, whereas those units out of command will drain your command of its vital HQ Impetus. And once you're at zero your turn could end at any moment! Players will not be able to see every enemy unit and attacking forces will need to use reconnaissance effectively; both commands will need to consider their deployments and allocation of reserves and have their commanders in the right place at the right time in order to exploit combat opportunities and achieve battlefield success!


The rules span 248 pages in full colour and provide fast, simple yet "wargame" realistic mechanisms that produce a much quicker style of play allowing players to concentrate far more on commanding their troops and playing the game. Advanced rules are incorporated into the body of the main rules so can easily be used. Also included are numerous optional rules, such as Russian commissars, demolition vehicles, river crossings, etc; three introductory scenarios, an extensive points system including easy to use standard platoon costings and extensive and detailed TOE's covering Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States.


PanzerGrenadier Deluxe can be used with 15mm or 20mm figures (though 10-12mm and even 28mm figures can be used) and can be played at either a 1:3 figure ratio or a 1:1 figure ratio. No rebasing needed. Quick reference sheet, unit status markers and artillery template are also provided.

Available this week from Caliver Books at £35.