Tuesday, November 26, 2013


See the Battlegroup PanzerGrenadier thread for this snow clad Ardennes Encounter!

It was designed to thoroughly play test the Deluxe command rules, which is one of the main aims of this edition. PanzerGrenadier Deluxe rules were written with four main aims; straightforward yet detailed rules sufficient to represent "wargame accurate" WW2 tactical combat, provide command friction, reward the use of period tactics and finally deliver an enjoyable game. It concentrates on command and battlefield friction.
PanzerGrenadier delivers this command friction through three aspects; a varying amount of HQ Impetus per turn, (impetus represents "command momentum" coming down the command chain, in order to keep the battle plan moving), combat group activation requirement and a variable game turn length. Players will have to cope with this in built command friction, which means that players may feel just a fraction of the uncertainty and frustration felt by Company and Battlegroup commanders of WW2!